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СВ Feuerfest is a manufacturer of lightweight firebricks that are used among others in the steel industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, chemical industry and porcelain industry.
With the best technical equipment and innovative engineers we produce bricks, rings and tubes which help manufacturers to increase productivity and to cut costs.
CB Feuerfest is deeply committed to the development of sustainable production techniques and efficient solutions tailored exactly to your needs. Dynamic, flexible, Austrian: CB Feuerfest — the partner you can rely on!

Our products


from 0,5 g/cm³
200 × 500 × 600mm




New composite
material invented
specially for metallurgy.
21 march, 2011
Thermprocess 2011

Our company is taking part at the 10th international fair Thermprozess from the 28th of June 2011 untill the 2nd of July 2011 in Duesseldorf, Germany.

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